Funky Friday Night

  • Funky Friday is a rhythm Roblox game developed by Lego555444 and JavaCoded. It is based on a rhythm game called Friday Night Funkin' and Basically FNF, another ROBLOX game. The game acts similar to Friday Night Funkin' although players battle against an opponent, unlike Friday Night Funkin'.
  • All friday night funkin songs tier list (so far all of them). SO FUNKY FUNKIN. Touch here to swipe If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. Choose a Label Background Color: Label Text: Delete Row Clear Row Images. Add a Row Above Add a Row Below. Log in now to save your Tier List.
  • You can play the friday night funkin game, which is among the two player games, with your friend using the keyboard. The first User can play the game by using the W, A, S, D keys. The second user can play the game using the ARROW keys. You have to manage the music correctly in the game.
  • Cassette Girl is an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin'. Wimbleton is an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin'. Characters; Main Characters Boyfriend - Girlfriend: Antagonists Daddy Dearest - Skid and Pump - Pico - Mommy Mearest - Monster - Senpai - Spirit: Upcoming.

The song Get Funky In Friday Night Funkin should be only regarding demo when you such as music you should choose the unique music. Assistance this performer by means of buying the first compact disk Get Funky In Friday Night Funkin hence the artist provides the very best music and go on working.

'A rhythmn game packing a ton of style, flair, and some really catchy beats.'

Funky Friday Night

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Friday Night Funkin' Review

Newgrounds has had an incredible impact on the internet, serving as the first big hub for independent creators to really have a platform in the new internet age. While it's faded away a bit in recent times, it's still an important part of internet culture. That's why it's such a joy to see a game like Friday Night Funkin' go back to the style of the old Newgrounds animations while also being fun and stylish as hell.

Funky Friday Night Game

To play Friday Night Funkin', simply unzip the file wherever you want and run the executable.

The game's premise is so to the point it's amusing. You play as 'Boyfriend', and you want to get with 'Girlfriend'. However, her music-loving parents don't like you, so you have to engage in a musical battle with them to prove your worth.

Funky Friday Night Game

Funky friday night game download

Friday Night Funkin Download

There is a 'story' mode, but it amounts to little more than playing through all of an opponent's song back to back and getting a cumulative score in the end. The gameplay is straightforward, with your opponent's notes going up the left and your note going up the right. Hit the notes with correct timing and the bar at the bottom will start leaning in your direction. It's worth noting that despite appearances, that bar acts as little more than a health bar - you won't get benefits or be penalized unless you zero out, at which point it's a game over.

The main appeal is the visual style and just how catchy the songs are. The art style resembles a very refined version of the old Newgrounds flash animations. Each of the four opponents you can go against fit in perfectly despite two of them being creations from other famous creators, and each of them have their own distinct musical style.

Overall, if you like rhythm games, you should definitely give Friday Night Funkin' a download.