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How to Clear RAM on iPhone; Solution #2: Use a Smart Cache Cleaner App. One of the easiest ways to keep a tab on the unnecessary files is using a cache cleaner app. With the help of such apps, you can effortlessly get rid of cache and duplicate or unwanted photos and videos.

Bring more possibilities, in one finger tap.

Iphone 11 Cleaner App Free

It’s the first sight you cast upon PhoneClean that tells the most marvelous changes we have made - just for bringing you the utter simplicity and easiness, even for free. We start from redesigning Quick Clean feature, which now gets completely revamped with super efficient iOS cleaning workflow, plus more readily comprehensible interface. Upon doing so, it will create an intuitive feeling that your iPhone always gets spick-and-span and runs like new.

Iphone 11 Cleaner App

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  1. To perform a clean wipe of your phone, open the Settings app, go to General and scroll down to Reset. Select Erase All Content and Settings. If you use iCloud, wait until all important settings are uploaded and then confirm: The process takes a while. However, at the end you’ll have a fresh and clean iPhone again.
  2. And here, you’re truly spoiled for choice. The App Store and hundreds of thousands of amazing apps to choose from. But of course, you don’t have time to go through all of them. Here are the best app for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. 20 Best Apps for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro 1. Try Apple Arcade.

Your iPhone storage is, no doubt, the essence of your productivity, entertainment, or perhaps the whole part of your mobile life. So you shouldn’t waste a single byte of space with anything unvalued. The ability to find and delete these hidden iOS cached, temporary, cookie and corrupted junks is of great value in PhoneClean.

Secure. Smart. Smile.

As the first and best of its kind, PhoneClean knows exactly what are swallowing your iPhone space and slowing down your apps' performance. It will smartly find and list junks based on your iOS version, device type and the usage of it. So, there is no need for you to make any considerations, like what are hogging your storage and what are safe to clean up.

Always need to manage your iPhone storage? No, it's time to relax.

Even the best performance is worthless, if it’s hard to use. By introducing Silent Clean, the new PhoneClean 5 engages your iPhone cleaning with no click and zero interruption. It will automatically detect your device when you get back home, start scanning based on once-a-day frequency, and run a silent cleaning on your iPhone. As everything gets done silently, you even hardly notice what happened, but will then always have enough iPhone storage for taking photos or other daily activities.

Family Caring

It's one simple subscription that covers every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in your family. No matter it's one or multiple devices, once detected and recognized by PhoneClean, Silent Clean will run a simultaneous scan to find out what it can do, and finish the cleaning.

Zero Interruption

There is no need to sit down and watch your computer to do these iPhone cleaning routines, as PhoneClean evades the bother of bringing you any distraction or slowdown. It takes care of your iPhones in a simple way, with the feeling that nothing intrudes your life. But everything on your iPhone will get much better.

Iphone 11 Cleaner Application

Security is Priority. There is Nothing Else.

When innumerous personal information, like your iMessages, contacts, calling history, etc., saved on your iPhone and iPad, casting the most intensive and solid protection on it is the prior concern of our PhoneClean. Outranking other iOS cleaner software, it provides you the highest standard in privacy security, and keeps everything sensitive getting deleted permanently and completely.

Maintenance for Best Performance.

When you want to make a boost-up on your old-school iPhone, iPad, System Clean is your best starting point. By clearing out these accumulated iOS system junks, it will keep your Apple devices with lightning-fast responsiveness.

Keep Your Web Surfing Smooth & Secure

Your Internet browsing should be kept private, but Safari doesn't fill such a post with credit. That's the reason we introduce Internet Clean to you. As it will leave no trace behind your surfing, all your Internet privacy would be safeguarded.

All of Your Private Information. Confidential to Yourself Only.

Your iPhone stores tons of sensitive personal information of yours, like photos, messages, contacts, emails, and more. Once it falls into the wrong hands, your and your family’s privacy will be in extreme danger. To save you from such troubles in the first place, PhoneClean permanently wipes everything in your iPhone before you give it out. By utilizing military-grade shredding algorithms, it renders all deleted data unrecoverable even for the most sophisticated recovery expert.

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Tune Up Your iPhone in Every Way Possible

PhoneClean puts all your iPhone cleaning and maintenance utilities in one place so you can tune up your iDevices in light of your need.

Empty out your junk drawers, people. If you've got an iPhone, you may now keep all of those silly space-taking gadgets right in your pocket (or fancy iPhone holster).

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With the launch of the app store for iPhone 3G, and now for the original iPhone and iPod Touch, there's quite the collection of tools. And I'm not just talking about social media tools, I'm talking household, real-life tools.

Think about consolidating your junk drawer(s) with these 11 apps:

Tea Timer – No worries about that tea being overcooked, or anything else that involves a kitchen timer. You now have Tea Timer right in your pocket. Countdown times can be set from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. This app goes for $0.99 and the creator disagrees that the Timer feature in the iPhone native Clock app works just as well.

Level – A Level by Posimotion gives you the ability to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a level. You can use this baby in portrait mode, landscape mode or face-up mode to make sure those picture frames are never crooked again! The creator notes that the tool is for recreational use only because 'all accelerometer hardware is not created equal.'

Tape Measure – It might not be the most accurate application, but for $0.99 TapeMeasure by Limekiln Software gives you the ability to take measurements from a previous position to your current position. Add GPS to it and you can measure long distances in either feet/miles or meters. Eat your heart out, Bob Vila!

FlashLight – Tanjas SOS Flashlight could save your life. No really, besides turning the screen into a white glowing object to, say, find your keys in the dark, it also functions as a blinking SOS signal on-demand in white, red, or green.

Dice Bag – Don't you dare worry about losing those dice for your role-playing games. Dicebag by Jeff LaMarche will always be at your service. According to the creator, it contains all of the basic polyhedral dice as well as the most common multi-dice rolls, including percentile dice.

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Iphone 11 Cleaner App

Writing Pad – Still prefer good 'ol pen and paper? Well perhaps WritingPad by Norman Wang will change your tune. Don't worry about typing in all of those silly letters anymore; just draw on the screen and it will translate your chicken scratch into text notes. Unless you prefer to read your own handwriting, in which case this won't help you at all.

Self Defense Alarm – Who needs a tazer when you've got Masayuki Akamatsu's Alarm Free. According to the creator, this alarm is a self-defense/emergency alarm with a freefall detector. Also useful for getting the attention of a bartender.

Shopping List – Shopper by MidCentury Software makes shopping lists easy. It has a catalog of over 200 popular grocery items and will let you take pictures and append them to the list. Check off items as you go and you'll never forget the milk again! This specific tool goes for $4.99 but if you want a less specific list app, you can use one of the several free list apps, including myTo-Dos by doapp.

Handheld Recorder – If you have one of those little note-to-self recorders, now is the time to kick it to the can (trash can that is). SpeakEasy by Zarboo is $4.99 and is ready to record, play, pause, rewind, and categorize all of your voice note needs. You could also use the plain 'ol Recorder by Retronyms and have the ability to email yourself the audio files.

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Abacus – Get rid of your fears, Abacus by Pixio is here! Toss out the wooden pile of beads and boards in your junk drawer. Now you have an abacus right on your iPhone for all of your counting and calculating joys. According to the creators, it's fully customizable, allowing you to choose your favorite combination of beads, frames, row counts, and layouts.

Whoopie Cushion – No longer will you need to pry apart the blow-hole on your whoopee cushion after several months in the junk drawer. Pop open Whoopie Cushion by doapp and choose from 10 rude sounds to embarrass your friends.